Millwoods Minor Football Association (MWMFA) fields teams at four levels of play:

  • Atom  ( 8 – 10 yrs old )
  • Peewee ( 11 – 12 yrs old )
  • Bantam (13 – 14 yrs old )
  • Midget ( 15 – 16 yrs old )

General Team Guidelines

The CDMFA limits team enrolment to 50 players per team. The MWMFA tries to limit registration numbers to approximately 30-40 players per team at the Atom and Pee Wee level and 50 players at the Bantam & Midget level.  This is to ensure all players have the opportunity to play.

It is important to note that your child will not be guaranteed any specific amount of playing time such as is common in other sports like recreational soccer and hockey. The primary reason for this is the nature of position assignment in football, and the desire to have players practice specific positions before taking a regular assignment at that position. It is vital that players attend and participate in as many practices as possible to ensure playing time.

Although all players will dress for every game, the most experienced or prepared players will get the most field time and, depending on the game situation, some players may not play.  Every effort will be made to allow each player at least one play

In addition, most first-year players (as well as any player moving to a higher level) should expect to have less playing time than more experienced players. Coaches are encouraged to ensure all players have an opportunity to play and see some field time during games, but no promise is made to balance on-field time for all players. Given the injury risks in football a coach will make discretionary choices based on the health and well being of his/her players.

This does not apply to the same degree at the Atom level, and it may be applied only somewhat at the Peewee level.  Again, the key principle is to have players only at positions they are prepared to play.  Therefore, it is very important for players to attend all practices, where it increases their experience and prepares them for game situations.

Coaches use a depth chart system to record Starters and Primary Backups for each position.  Players who are assigned as starters on the depth chart may also be assigned as backup to another position. However, coaches are encouraged to limit the regular use of players as starters on both Offence and Defense.

Team Splitting

As part of alignment to MWMFA’s vision, mission and values, MWMFA strives to get as many interested players on the field as possible and as part of that, teams may split when numbers support it.  The decision to split will require extra registrations in hand beyond our ideal team size.  In the event that MWMFA reaches team split numbers, all held registrations will be processed.  In the event MWMFA does not reach team split numbers, all held registrations will be refunded according to the refund policy.

The team split decision will be made during the last week of May, as follows:

 Team Split Sizes

  • 50 Players by May 31 (held registrations after 40)
  • 50 Players by May 31 (held registrations after 40)
  • 55 Players by May 31 (held registrations after 40)
  • Sorry, we don’t run two Midget teams.