2018 Registration Packages now available.

The registration package includes all the forms in a fill-able .pdf file. You can save A LOT of time if you fill this out before coming to registration!

You will require a 2017-2018 Community League Membership (valid Sept.1, 2017 – Aug.31, 2018).

To purchase your Community League Memberships please contact your local Community League, or go to: http://efcl.org/membership to purchase your league membership online.

Once you have your Community League Membership you can proceed with registration for MWMFA.

If you have questions about registration, please email our Registrar.

Email Registrar

Where & When Do I Register?

Your MWMFA Registration can be accepted at our “Bear Den” 7008 – 23 Avenue (Millwoods Park Pavilion—far west door of grey building surrounded by the parking lot and turf football field):

2018 Registration Dates:

  • Check out the Events section for details on upcoming dates.

You can also register at Spring Camp (May long weekend) or any time up to the first regular season game, which typically occurs in mid August for Atom/PeeWee & Bantam – or the beginning of March for Midget.

If you miss any of these dates, you can always contact us directly and we will make sure to get you sorted out. Never hesitate to ask!

How Much Does It Cost?

Please note all fees are due at time of registration.

 2018 Atom, Pee-wee & Bantam Fees

Mandatory Fees:

  • $340 registration ($315 Prior to Feb. 28)
  • $300 equipment deposit
  • $200 volunteer deposit
    • 2 post-dated $100 cheques
  • $100 fundraiser

Optional Items:

  • $40 spring camp
  • $40 girdle

2018 Midget Season Fees

Mandatory Fees:

  • $365 registration
  • $300 equipment deposit
  • $100 volunteer
  • $100 fundraiser

Optional Item:

  • $40 girdle

What Do I Need To Register?

In order to register you will need to complete the forms below, and bring them in with your registration fee and deposit checks. You will also need to verify your age by showing us either a birth certificate or your Alberta health care card.

  • Completed Registration Form
  • Completed Volunteer Form (Parents)
  • Completed Medical Information Form
  • Completed & Signed Waiver
  • Birth Certificate or AB Health Care Card
  • Registration Fee
  • Two (2) Equipment Deposit Cheques (post dated)
  • Volunteer Deposit Cheque (post dated)
  • Fundraising Contribution
  • Proof of Community League Membership

The registration packages includes all the forms in an editable pdf file. You can save A LOT of time if you fill this out before coming to registration!

Who Can Play?

Boys and Girls between the ages of 7 and 18 are eligible to play community football. The team you are on is strictly dependant on your age. Roster sizes are limited, and in Midget the number of players allowed per grade is set by the CDMFA.

  • Atom – If you are 10 or under by December 31
  • PeeWee – If you are 11 or 12 by December 31
  • Bantam – If you are 13, 14, or 15 by December 31 and not entering grade 10 this fall
  • Midget – If you are in grade 9, 10 or 11 this year and will be 18 or under December 31

What's With All These Deposits?

We take deposits for three things:

  1. Equipment Deposit – $300: One of the nice things about football is that all of the equipment is provided to you. We collect a post dated cheque for an equipment deposit just in case you decide not to bring it back at the end of the season. If that happens, we cash this check. When you do return your equipment at the end of the season, you receive your deposit cheque back.
  2. Volunteer Deposit – $200: As a volunteer organization, we depend on our volunteers (you, the parents) to help keep things running smoothly. When you register your child, you (as a family) are also committing to 16 hours (8 for the Midget season) of volunteer time. There are many different ways to get involved and receive credit for hours. Once you’ve completed the necessary hours, you receive your deposit cheque back. Volunteering is a great way to share in the football experience with your child!
  3. Fundraising Contribution – $100: Each year, our organization participates in a major fundraising activity to help offset costs of the program. The fundraisers vary, but typical examples include a swim-night, bottle drive, pancake sales, etc… An example of how thing might work would be – you purchase 10 water park tickets in advance, which you can then sell to recoup your funds, come have fun at the water park, or do with as you see fit.

Can I Register Online?

Not yet, but we’re working on it!