General Information

New To Football?

Or maybe just new to Millwoods? Maybe thinking about trying it out? Well here is some general information about what you can expect throughout the football season:

For more detailed information, please read our 2016 MWMFA Handbook

2016 MWMFA Handbook

A quick look at the course of a season.

Spring Camp

Each year the new season kicks off with a two-day spring camp. This happens near the end of May (typically May long weekend). Here new players can try out some of the drills, and get a feel for the game while returning players get to shake a little dust off

Practice – No Equipment

Practices start shortly after spring camp and will usually be twice a week. We practice 6:30p – 8:30p at Mill Woods Field.

Practice – Full Equipment

After a few weeks of practice without equipment, players receive their equipment and practices generally move to three a week (Mon, Wed, Thurs) at this time. Practices run until the July Break.

July Break

During the month of July there are no team activities. Practices resume in the beginning of August

August – Practices Resumes

Practices resume at three nights per week, generally- Mon, Wed & Thurs (6:30p – 8:30p). Practices are in full equipment and full contact.

Pre Season Tournament

Before the official start to the season there is generally a small seeding tournament over the course of a weekend to determine team rankings for the season.

Regular Season Play

The regular season begins in early September and will run 8-10 weeks. Games are played on the weekends, occasionally on a Friday night. During the regular season we continue to practice 3-nights a week.


Once the regular season ends, there may be additional games if the team makes the playoffs. We will continue to practice as usual during the playoffs until the end. The provincial championship games are played around the first week of November.

Midget Season

At the end of the season (or before the start of a new one) there is a Short Midget Season for players in grade 9 & 10. This season is 4-6 games in length and runs from Late February to May.


More Information

For more detailed information on the various aspects of the season and our organization, take a look at the following sections: