Hi Peewees! Me again!

I am still in need of volunteers and I need to stress that this organization CANNOT run without the help of our Parent, Friends and Family Volunteers.

->You can still watch your Grizzly play football AND volunteer at the same time.
->You can finish all your Volunteer hours in one game and make it a family event by getting Aunties, Uncles, Grandmas and Grandpas involved!
->>>And lastly, You can save the money from your Volunteer Cheque by signing up for ALL your hours today!!!

With that said, let’s fill the following positions for this Saturday’s 12:30pm Home Game, September 21, 2013.

Here are the positions I still need filled:

+BBQ 12noon to 2:30pm (1 spot) = 2.5 hrs
+Concession 12noon to 2:30pm (3 spots) = 2.5 hours each
+Down Stick start to end of game (1 spot) = 2 hours
+Scoreboard start to end of game (1 spot) = 2 hours
+Game Review – during game, jot down highlights and submit a Summary to be posted on the Website or FB (1 spot) = 1 hour

Please email me at Raechelle.Ochoa@Gmail.com if you or a friend or family member can help out!

Thanks again, Peewees and hope to have a million emails in my inbox REALLY soon! 😉