Below is the digital edition of  this September’s edition of the Bear Paws Newsletter. If you have news to add into our next edition, feel free to contact our communications director.

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September Newsletter

MIllwoods Minor Football Day

Saturday September 28, 2013

We have all our teams playing at our amazing Home Turf Field! Raechelle Redix, our Volunteer Co-Ordinator, and your team level Volunteer Co-Ordinators will contact everyone with positions available. Don’t forget to Like us in FB, follow us in Twitter and check our NEW Website! We will need a lot of volunteers for Millwoods Minor Football Day as we will have a lot of fun and exciting activities in store! Stay Tuned!!


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Recruiting Team

We are looking for 3 to 4 people to help contact schools in South Edmonton and area to set up meetings for our Coaches to introduce Millwoods Football to Students! We are looking to contact Elementary, Junior High and High Schools throughout the area in search for more Millwoods Grizzlies!

If you are interested, please contact Raechelle Redix at

Fundraising Committee

The Fundraising Committee is needed to contact local businesses for support. Roxie Belanger, our Ways and Means Director has great fundraising ideas but needs more hands to help moving forward!

If you are interested, please contact Roxie at

Guest Appearances

Recently we had Hot 107’s @RyderFM, their morning DJ come out on Thursday September 5 practice with the Boys & ultimately have a kickoff competition with Sam Kolkman. It was a great success! Ryder was outfitted in football gear & gave it his best. Football Alberta & CISN-FM are holding the second annual Pass, Punt and Kick Competition at Commonwealth Stadium on Saturday, September 21. This year’s event has been expanded to include representatives from @CDMFA Bantam and Peewee teams. Each player will Punt, Pass, & Kick the ball for distance and accuracy.

Representing Millwoods Minor Football in our inaugural year are:

Peewee: Sam Kolkman

Bantam: Mathew Harland

Best of luck to all of you in the event!

Update: Congrats to Sam who won the Pee-Wee Level!

Join the Board in 2014

We Need your Help!

Are you an enthusiastic individual who is interested in contributing to the goals and objectives of the Millwoods Minor Football Association? If so, we would like to hear from you! The Board of Directors at Millwoods Minor Football has various responsibilities but commonalities include:

  • Commit to the goals and objectives of Millwoods Minor Football Association
  • Attend, support, and promote events of the organization
  • Commit to attending and participating in monthly board meetings (in the evenings) and annual strategy sessions.
  • Active correspondence with other board members via email in between meetings.
  • Active participation in one or more board committee.
  • Contribute to efforts to increasing our membership and developing new funding partners.

Elections to the board are done at the associations AGM, which is held every spring. If you have an interest in keeping this fantastic sport operating and available for children of our community, contact myself directly at, or for more information.

Concession Director - 2014

We want to send out a big THANK YOU to Cynthia, our current Concession Director, for all her hard work. She is looking for someone to shadow her this season to take over for the next season. If you like to shop and are super organized, this might be of interest to you!

Please see the following link for more details on this Board Position.

Building & Field Update

Construction will be beginning right away on the Millwoods Park Pavilion Building! The park pavilion building will serve a variety of functions, including public washrooms, team change rooms, concession area, and is proposed to accommodate several expressed needs of site stakeholders.

The intent of MWMFA is to have dedicated space in this facility as our new Bear Den, and the board is currently in negotiations with the city over the terms of the agreement. This will be a fantastic space and will greatly enhance the visibility of the facility and of our association.

The area of construction will be immediately adjacent to the bear den. There is a slim possibility that we may not have to move until the new building is ready for occupancy, but this is unlikely. In the interim, the board is moving ahead on securing a sublease as close to the fields as possible as an alternate operating location should we be required to vacate the bear den.

We will likely see a trailer and construction fencing installed to isolate their work area from the rest of the active park. The building is scheduled to be complete and ready for occupancy by June 2014.

The contractor is aware that it is a very busy site and that there are bookings and events on the site. They will be parking on the north end of the 23 Ave parking by the atom and peewee fields, and have been allotted approximately 24 parking stalls for their staff and subcontractors. Their work will typically take place during the day so parking conflicts should not be an issue, but there may be residual traffic in these area’s during our practice times. Please be aware of men and equipment that may be working in these areas.

Swim Night - November 30

November 30, 2013 Our Fund Raiser at West Edmonton Mall Water Park is FAST APPROACHING!! Many of you already have your tickets, & probably need more. There are a few folks yet to pick up their tickets… Tickets are available from either: Chelsy Graham ( usually found around the Peewee or Atom Fields. Or Carlene St Hilaire ( ) usually found at the Bantam Fields.

Volunteer Opportunities

My name is Raechelle Redix and I am your Volunteer Co-Ordinator for the 2013 Season. We also have Stacey Mackay as our Atom Level Volunteer Co-Ordinator and Kat McLeary as our Bantam Level Volunteer Co-Ordinator. Together, we are always looking for enthusiastic volunteers to help out throughout the season. Whether it is manning the Bear Den or BBQ’ing at home games, volunteer opportunities are there!

We will contact you mostly via email or talk to you on the field at practices or games. Some other gateways of communication that we have also found great success in is Facebook, Twitter and our NEW Millwoods Minor Football Association Website at Check out our pages and stay on top of all Millwoods News and Updates!

So far this 2013 Season, Volunteers have helped with the Compost Drive, Spring Camp, Casino Nights and Jersey Night! With these amazing volunteers, things ran smoothly and made these events a real success over previous years!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Message From The Vice President

Social Media for Kids and Parents

I’ve always wanted to write an article in the Football newsletter, but up until now, I’ve been unable to come across a subject that I thought would beneficial to everyone at every age. Recently, I had been thinking, how important Social Media has become to, not only our organization, but minor sports in general. It can be used a very effective communication tool between the board, coaches, parents and players. Just recently, we held an event with a local radio station, Hot 107; we were able to save costs in advertising it by using Facebook and Twitter. Now even with all of the positives of Social Media, there are also as many negatives. Generally, we don’t like to see it in sport, but, there are still incidents of bullying. Within our organization, it is very important to keep in mind that we are representatives of Millwood’s Football, be it, as a parent, a player, a manager, etc. We wouldn’t want someone to come over from another organization and read how we treated ourpeers; it wouldn’t make all of us as a whole, look very good! I am personally embarrassed when I read this kind of content on Facebook. With that in mind, I’ve found some rules that I felt applied to how we should act while on our Social Media sites.

Here they are below:

  • Don’t Bully: Bullies have taken to Facebook, cell phones, Twitter and other online services to bully other people. It’s horrible and it shouldn’t be tolerated. Let your child know that bullying others is always wrong, and that it hurts, even when it’s done online. It can also get your child into a lot of trouble at school and possibly even with the law.
  • Don’t Expose Family Problems: No family is perfect, and while it’s important to work through family issues, it’s not OK to expose your family challenges in a public forum. Family members deserve privacy, so your tween should understand that ranting about Uncle Dave or complaining that Grandma is always embarrassing you isn’t fair to air in public.
  • Be Positive: If you spend any amount of time involved in social media you’ll see that people spend a lot of their time online complaining. It can become contagious and can influence how you behave when you’re not online. Try to get your child to see social media as a way to focus on the positive instead of complaining about everything that’s not so perfect in life. Being positive online may help your child develop a positive attitude offline.
  • Select Photos Carefully: One of the biggest dangers of social media is how photos can be quickly shared and possibly even used against you. Help your tween develop a strategy for selecting photos to put online. And remind him that he shouldn’t feel the need to share everything that goes on in his private life with his contacts online. Another tip: you can prevent your child from posting something embarrassing by asking him to follow this rule: If he wouldn’t want his Grandmother to see his photo or read his update, then he probably shouldn’t put it out there for everyone else to read.
  • Know Your Limits: Social media should be a privilege and something that your child doesn’t take for granted. If your child’s online involvement is interfering with his life, you might want to limit his online time. The same applies should his grades fall, or should he withdraw from families or friends.

Thanks everyone, and remember, we’re all in this together!

Go Grizzlies!!

By Eric Macneill

@macneilleric (Twitter)